1.         Presidential Fleet Review (PFR) are traditional events with which navies across the world honour their sovereigns or heads of government during their tenure of office. It involves assemblage of ships and other maritime assets at pre-designated area for the purpose of demonstrating loyalty and allegiance to the State. The review equally assures a nation of its navy’s preparedness in collaboration with other navies to meet statutory obligations in maritime security, safety and defence. In keeping with this tradition, the NN is organizing a PFR to honour the C-in-C whose tenure of office elapses in May 23.  The President would be expected to review the fleet at anchorage positions and also commission the newly acquired ships and the AW109SP helicopter among other activities during the event.


2.         The theme of the 2023 PFR is ‘Fleet Readiness for National Prosperity. The theme is carefully conceptualized to depict and underscore the essence of a responsive navy and the value the NN fleet brings to facilitate national prosperity in Nigeria. On the sideline of the PFR is a maritime discourse which is organized to further highlight the workings of the various branches of the Service and how they are sequenced to support NN operations. The maritime discourse is scheduled to hold before the main event and is therefore earmarked as a veritable platform to project the NN’s current and future scales of effort for a robust fleet that is ever ready to operate and partner with other government agencies for national prosperity.

3.         In order to put the foregoing imperatives into tangible context for better understanding of guests and other invitees, some selected appointments have been designated to give 7 – 10 minutes perspectives during the PFR maritime discourse. The perspectives are further to depict how the main efforts of the various branches of the Service are being achieved and synchronized to promote and sustain NN’s operational readiness in line with the theme of the event.


The Nigerian Navy Presidential Fleet Review 2023 has a fleet of NN ships to be showcased for the event to reveal the readiness of the service on national security and defense for peace and prosperity.

NNS OKPABANA is a frigate class warship with Visual Call Sign F93. She was built on 20 Dec 68, transferred to the NN on 24 Apr 14 and commissioned as part of the NN fleet on 19 Feb 15. NNS OKPABANA has a length of 115.6m and a beam of 12.5m. She is very active in safe guarding our territorial waters and has participated in many rescue missions at sea. The Ship is currently involved in Operation Tsare Teku and commanded by Capt A Shehu.

NNS CENTENARY has a length of 95.5m, beam of 12.5m and she is one of the frigates of the NN. She is an off-shore patrol vessel with Visual Call Sign F91. NNS CENTENARY was built on 5 Sep 04 by Wuchan Ship Building Ltd, China. She was commissioned on 19 Feb 15 with a ship complement of 78 men. This frigate has actively participated in numerous sea exercises e.g Exercise Obangame Express etc. She is commanded by Capt RE Ekuma.

NNS KYANWA is a buoy tender with Visual Call Sign A501. She was commissioned as a cat class vessel in the NN fleet on 1 Jun 04. Her Ships complement is 58 men (8 officers and 50 men). She is commanded by Cdr AE Okorie.

NNS OJI derived its name from the River Oji. She is a 43m Seaward Defense Boat (SDB), the third in its series of Ships locally built by the NN. NNS ANDONI and NNS KARADUWA being the first and second respectively. The Ship was commissioned on 9 Dec 21 alongside 5 other acquired Ships. Prior to the commissioning of the ship, officers and ratings were appointed and drafted respectively as the Ship’s complement to man and fight the ship effectively. The ship is currently berthed at NDL Jetty. The Commanding Officer onboard the Ship is Cdr S Bala.

NNS KADA is a Landing Ship Tank (LST-100). She replaced the decommissioned landing Ships NNS AMBE and NNS OFIOM. The Ship was built by Damen Shipyards in the United Arab Emirates. She arrived Nigeria on 27 May 22. She can carry 235 troops as well as 18 crew and has a length of 100m. Her primary functions are: Amphibious Operations, Transport and Logistics while her secondary functions are Maritime Security, Humanitarian Aid, Disaster Relief, Search and Rescue (SAR), Mine Counter Measure (MCM) and Hydrographic Survey Operations Support. She is commanded by Capt AO Adoki.

NNS LANA is an auxiliary class hydrographic survey vessel of the NN with Visual Call Sign A499. She was built in 2018 by OCEA SA of France and commissioned on 9 Dec 21. She has a ship compliment of 50 men. LANA has an overall length of 60.10m. She is currently involved in the survey of approaches to Lagos waters. The Ship is preparing for Exercise JOPEX and is commanded by Capt AG Abdullahi.

NNS ANDONI is an indigenous Seaward Defense Boat (SDB) built by Naval Dockyard Limited (NDL) Victoria Island Lagos and was commissioned on 1 Jun 12. The Ship is 31.1m in length and carries a ship compliment of 25. NNS ANDONI patrols the coastal areas and has participated in various exercises. She is commanded by Cdr M Gada.

NNS IBENO is yet to be commissioned. She is a Seaward Defence Boat (SDB) with Visual Call Sign 5NBD. The Ship was built by Guangzhou Marine Engineering Coorperation. Her overall length is 45.83m with a Ship compliment of 35. She is commanded by  Capt IC Mabeoku.

NNS EKULU with Visual Call Sign P188 was delivered and commissioned in 2018. The vessel is designed to ensure long maritime safety within the EEZ. Her primary role is to fight against illegal fishing activities, anti-smuggling and illegal immigration control, Search and Rescue Operations (SAR), fight against piracy, natural resources and blue economy protection etc. Her overall length is 30m with a ship compliment of 24 men. The Man of War is presently involved in Operation “Da ka ta da barawo”. She is Commanded by Cdr DM Bozegha.